Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31

So today was pretty great. Church. Dinner. Then off to Dickinson to chill with Rachel and go ice skating. I fell. Twice. IT was horrendously embarrassing the second time, because I wasn't even moving. However, it was oodles of fun. and that was pretty much my day.

And it's kind of weird to think that I've only been doing this blog a week. It feels like a long time. Haha. Oh well.

Good night, world!

Erika Rose

Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30

Good day. Slept til noon. Went to practice. Went to basketball games. Watched our boys kill Rosebud. <3 Went to Marisa's and watched Paranormal Activity...Good night world.

Erika Rose

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 29

So. I don't know why it hit me so hard tonight, but I realized just how totally blessed I am; my parents are AMAZING. I was thinking tonight about all the kids on the team who's parents weren't there, at the games in Terry tonight. And there were a lot.

Looking back, I don't think my parents have missed more than about 3 games in my whole career, and I've been playing since about 3rd grade. Every (I'm sure miserable) tournament, every junior high game every loss, every win, at least one if not both of my parents have been there for it, no matter where we were, Dickinson, Baker, home.

And they don't rag. the only thing I ever hear my parents say from the stands is encouraging. And they don't rag after the game, either. Dad tells me what I need to work on, gives me advice, I'll ask questions, and I know it's made me a better player, because Dad explains EVERYTHING to me. "What should I have done here?" "Well, there's only a couple things you really can do." They never tell me I screwed up, and I don't think I've ever heard them even say I've had a bad game, even when I felt like I played horribly.

Basically, my paernts are amazing, and I don't appreciate you guys nearly enough.

Love you, Momma and Daddy.

Erika Rose

Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28

EPIC FAIL! I forgot to put a blog up yesterday! Gaaaaah.
I Guess you WERE warned, huh?

Anyway, doctor didn't say much, but I did have to have my blood drawn, so they're gonna run some tests and such.

youth group was really good last night. We started the TrueU DVDs. They're along the same lines as the Truth Project, but geared more toward high school and college age students. I found it quite fascinating.

And. Well. Today's hardly started yet, but that's okay. I'm tired, but ohh well.

Erika Rose

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26

Crummy day. I feel like crap. Doctor's appointment tomorrow, so hopefully we can figure out why I keep getting sick and other such nastyness.

I am now sitting with the laptop, about to watch Passengers with Anne Hathaway and sipping hot cocoa and waiting for my Top Ramen noodles to cool down.

Erika Rose

Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25


Seriously, this ilke, needs to go down in the world record book or something. Haha. We have SO much snow right now! It's ridiculous. I hardly remember the last time we had this much snow. I kinda ilke it, actually, insanely enough.

I'm starting to realize how absolutely pointless this whole endeavor is. Seriously, who's actually gonna get on here and read EVERY post that I put up, even though they're short? Haha. That's okay. It gives me some sort of satisfaction.

Happy snow day, everyone!

Erika Rose

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24

HA! Wow. I almost forgot to put a post up! Then I remembered. Anyway.

Happy 19th Birthday Sarah Sue! Best friend is officially nineteen now. Only 2 years and she can drink. bahahahaha. She'd better not, though.

And in other news, there is a stinking TON of snow on the ground. Do you think we'll get out of school tomorrow though? Nooooo, of course not. Ohh well. There probably won't be any games tomorrow though, either...=(

Erika Rose

Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23

So this is, like, a month late, but that's okay. There's a bunch of people on Myspace doing a picture a day for 365 days. AKA a year. So, I decided that I was going to do something a little bit different. But not much. I'm going to a post every day for a full year, or, until January 23, 2011. So we'll see how it goes. We all know how rather flakey I am, but you love me anyway, right? haha. So anyway, welcome to my 365!

Erika Rose