Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3

So, I'm going to give everyone a little snippet of my 100 Things About Me List, because I really don't know what else to write about at this point. Obviously, this isn't all of it, and the finished product is (hopefully) going to be organized into fun little sub-categories, like, "Things You Probably Already Knew About Me" and "Things That Most People Don't Know", ect. So anywhere. Here's my first few.

1. I love horses and dogs
2. I am deathly afraid of chickens and spiders
3. I love reading and creative writing
4. I love music, and play clarinet and piano, as well as sing
5. Nice pens make my day
6. Roses are my favorite flowers
7. I have a thing for nice hands and blue eyes
8. I am a total cuddle bug (hugs, snuggling, ect. touch is definitely my love language)
9. Bad grammar and spelling are a couple of my biggest pet peeves ever
10. I also hate when the girl is taller than the guy
11. And when people let the door slam closed in your face. I also find it incredibly hot when guys get the car door, or just door, for the girl. I love good manners!
12. I am a total night owl, but I also love the quiet early in the morning
13. I kinda want a big family. Liiike, 5-6 kids (max)
14. I am a hopeless romantic
15. I am loyal almost to a fault
16. I tend to trust too easily
17. Everyone says I have sloppy penmanship, but when I'm being neat, I actually kind of like my handwriting
18. I'm bad at letting go (Figure that one out for yourselves =P)
19. I have a horrible conscience and feel guilty about the stupidest stuff
20. I am a dreamer
21. I am a TOTAL small town girl; I LOATHE the city
22. I'm a Christian
23. I'm stubborn
24. If you get me mad enough, I'll probably cry; yeah, I cry when I'm angry
25. It's almost impossible to offend me
26. I tend to be very sarcastic
27. I am always surprised when I hear the word "pervert." Not so much because of its meaning; just something about the way it sounds; I can't really explain it!

Soo that's what I have so far. You'd be surprised! It's harder than you'd think! Anyone wanna try it with me? bahaha

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