Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2

So. Today's barely even started as it's only 7:41 A.M. Buuut we have games in Hysham today, which is like, 180 miles, which means we're not going to get back until latelatelate, soo I'm putting this up now because I probably won't have time later. And that'd stink to miss two days. So yeah, I'm doing it now.

Basically having games today is gonna make it feel like a Friday, but that's ok. It should be a good day. The bus leaves at 12:45 which SHOULD mean we get early lunch. Hopefully, or we only get like, five or ten minutes to get through the line AND eat our food. Which would make me extremely angry.

So anyway, I guess that is my PREDICTION for the day. Haha. Letcha know how games go tomorrow.


Erika Rose

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